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Definition of the needed information and feasibility:
INFAP GmbH analyses with the customer the information require- ments and the monitoring goals.

Monitoring system design:
Identification and selection of components required for the monitoring system including, sensors, cabling network, junction boxes, interrogation units, software, etc. Installation plans and management can be provided for the customers and their contractors.

System setup and delivery:
Coordination of the different vendors to form a complete system supplied ontime to the customers.

Coordination and supervision of the installation and testing of all monitoring system components. Training and supervision of the local installation crew.
On-site or remote measurements in accordance with the agreed program. The program is planned according to the monitoring goals and adapted to the observed evolution.

Analysis and report:
Professional data analysis are generated in transparent report providing all relevant information. When necessary, external professional advisers are consulted. The responsible engineers receive in addition all raw data generated by the system.

Project Management:
INFAP GmbH can provide any of the aforementioned service individually or combined to suit the customer requirement.







INFAP is your partner for the application of fibre optical measurement

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