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Strain and temperature, with intrinsic sensors the fibre optical measurement technology allows to measure two important parameters in nearly all environments, especially those where space is the limiting factor. The sensors are robust against EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) but this is not the last advantage of this System. Measuring in areas where explosion protection is required becomes possible with no extra requirement as the system has no electrical parts at the sensor itself. The third and for some applications the most wanted advantage coming with the technology of FBG gratings is the resolution and repeatability. Measuring temperature changes in the range of 0,05°C is possible and absolute strain measurements in the micro epsilon area are reachable with this technology.

Pressure, acceleration and distance are values also possible to be measured with the fibre Bragg technology. The intrinsic sensor it self is not enough any more, here sensor translation units become necessary to translate this values into strain. With such translation units it then becomes possible to measure crack prolongation, level measurements, and leakages on gas tanks or vibration modes in areas, where the EMI influence does not allow the standard technology.

INFAP is in different market segments like civil engi-neering, chemistry, power plants. aerospace, medicine, marine, automotive, wind energy and Oil&Gas industry active. The fibre optical measurement technology offers for the different areas alternative measurement possibilities that allow to “Light the Unknown”.


si255 Optical Sensing Interrogator

Faseroptische Auswerteeinheit, OptiMo-sm 125

Fibre optical interrogation unit to read out up to  128 sensors on up to 4 chanel.

Faseroptischer Dehnungssensor, Schweißbar: os-310

Fibre optical strain gauge, spot weldable
or to glue. A patent product of the Micron Optics family that allows to reduce significantly the installation time.

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